Unique Features

Magic Pump is the only multi-purpose, hand-held, commercially available pump. 

The Magic Pump boasts revolutionary NO-LEAK technology.

Unlike a prawn pump, the contents stay inside, until you pump out.


The Magic Pump holds 2 litres.

It has 101 uses and is a must-have for any home owner.


Some comments from satisfied customers:

“My Magic Pump lives in my bathroom.  I use it several times a day to transport last night’s bath (grey) water from my bath to my toilet to save water when I flush.”  Greg, Edgemead.


“I have my own plumbing business and use the Magic Pump daily to unblock drains.  It is one of my essential tools for my business.” Vaun, Melkbos.


“I have been putting off doing a sand change as it is such a horrible job to do.  But once I saw the pump at Builders, I used it to do my sand change and it was quick and easy!” Mark, Cape Town.


“I had sand at the bottom of my pool due to a windy storm. I did not want to vacuum it up and let it go through my pool pump.  I used the Magic Pump, and it worked well!” TEG Facebook user.


“I purchased a pump and used it to clear all my outside drains – they were blocked with leaves from the storm and then filled with rain water. I pumped the water out with the pump, removed the leaves and now I have clear drains.” Paolo, Durbanville


“I dropped my ring into the toilet! I used the pump to retrieve it and did not have to use my hands!” Celeste, Durbanville